Answers to Three Commonly Asked Questions About Merchant Services

In this day and age, even a small business owner who is just starting out will likely find themselves needing the ability to accept credit and debit cards in order to process their customer’s orders. If their business is mostly online, there are many Credit Card Merchant Services that are available to accept these types of payments, but what is a small business owner to do if they find themselves in need of credit card merchant services in a shop, store, or real life market place?

Luckily, the need has been filled by companies such as Ist E Next ( offering Credit Card Merchant Services to ordinary men and women who are trying to realize their dreams of being a successful small business owner and find themselves in need of Credit Card Merchant Services. However, because this concept is so new to most people, the small business owner often has questions about the service. Here are three commonly asked questions about Credit Card Merchant Services and the answers, in laymen’s terms.

What exactly is Credit Card Merchant Services?


Simply put, Credit Card Merchant Services allow you to operate what is known as a P.O.S. or Point of Service, where a credit or debit card is swiped and the amount of the charge is transferred from the cardholder’s account into the one you have set up for you business. This enables the small business owner of even the smallest business venture to be able to accept these popular forms of payment.

What kind of fees are associated with Credit Card Merchant Services?

The fees associated with merchant account comparison Credit Card Merchant Services vary from provider to provider, but they will typically fall into one of two categories:

Percentage fees. In these, you will be charged a percentage of the overall credit or debit card transaction, ranging from a small fee such as 0.1% to 0.3%.

Flat rate fees. In flat rate fees, you will be charged a regular amount for each transaction, based on whether it is a credit or debit charge. These can range from less than on dollar to several dollars per transaction, based on the service contract and credit card merchant company you use. (These are the reason you see signs that say “$5.00 minimum credit card purchase”)

Is it complicated to set up Credit Card Merchant Services? Generally, it is quite simple to sign up for and install your Credit Card Merchant Services. Once you have signed your service contract with your provider and have received your P.O.S. reader, it is just a matter of signing into your merchant account and selling you merchandise or services!


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